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13 April, 2017

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  1. The Constitution will provide the guide to the Rules of Membership at paragraph 6.
  2. For existing members the membership year starts on 1 April and payment of subscription is expected at the February or March meeting. Members retain their membership number from year to year. Any change to the subscription is effective immediately. A member’s membership becomes lapsed if the subscription is unpaid for eight weeks. Members who are also members of another U3A do not need to pay the capitation fee when joining Woodhall Spa U3A.
  3. New members are permitted up to two visits to monthly meetings before payment is mandatory. This is a privilege to allow them time to decide whether or not this U3A meets their needs. It is not intended to discourage them from paying earlier.
  4. The payment of the subscription entitles the member to attendance at the monthly meetings, a name badge, a copy of each issue of the Newsletter and U3A News, the quarterly national magazine together with Sources, refreshment at the monthly meeting and attendance at group meetings. This does not exempt a member from any payment a particular group may, from time to time, have agreed among its members and is necessary for the proper running of that group.
  5. On payment, the member’s name and address, telephone number and email address will be recorded in the membership database. Subsequently they will be given a membership card bearing their membership number, a copy of the Constitution and the Rules.
  6. Where members have provided an email address, all official communications will be sent by email (i.e. Constitution, Rules, Newsletter).
  7. Members may purchase a U3A diary through this U3A provided the order is placed in July for one bulk order to the Third Age Trust.
  8. Other U3A merchandise can also be purchased.
  9. All members are encouraged to wear their name badge at monthly meetings.
  10. Members and visitors attending a monthly meeting for the first time will be met by a Welcomer wearing a red Welcomer’s badge and should be introduced to group leaders and committee members.
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